about us


The Aurous Advantage

Owning a small business in today's financial climate can come with its own set of operational challenges. Sustaining your growth while remaining economically and functionally efficient can feel like an impossible balancing act, particularly when you can't access the capital you need.

That's why we created Aurous Financial. Aurous is the brainchild of domain experts who recognized an operational gap in the industry and moved to address it. Our key executive team brings over 115 years of combined expertise in finance, banking, manufacturing, importation, freight, distribution, legal contractual agreements/processing, and customs. This experience, combined with a constant eye towards the evolving industry landscape, enables us to provide powerful and innovative solutions for our clientele.

Our mission is simple provide our clients with the most fair, efficient, and cost-effective solution to their problems. Our focus is on client success- enhancing client growth capabilities by reducing operating capital requirements and meeting cash flow demands.

At Aurous you can expect alternative financing solutions giving our clients the flexibility they need

  • Quick approval process with immediate disbursements
  • No minimum margin requirements
  • No personal guarantees or financial requirements
  • Early access to funds so products and services can be delivered on time
  • A seamless transaction from start to finish
  • A personalized service providing sound advice and innovative solutions